Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences

At GNS we visited with Sarah Milicich, a former student of Chris's.
She provided an overview of her work as a geologist working geothermal
projects, primarily as a consultant to the energy firms running the
geothermal energy plants in the area. A great introduction for
students to what "real" geologists do for a living; some field time,
analytical work (micrscope time mostly), and a lot of report writing.

Geotthermal plants here produce 9% of the power comsumed by all of NZ
during the day. At night, since you cannot turn geothermal plants
off, like hydro or fossil fuels, it goes up to nearly 100%.

Also learned a bit about how these gornment setup, but commercial
institutes operate. They are driven by the often competing needs of
producing profits and doing research.

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