Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's on the Tube?

When you walk into a place for dinner, and everyone is facing the television watching the weather report, then you know something unusual is going on. Apparently the national weather person was in town doing the weather report from down the street. But also of interest, however, was the fact that he was supposed to be doing it from Milford Sound, where we would like to get to tomorrow. The current snowy conditions and a small mud-slide have closed the road for now though. Odds on it being open tomorrow were given as 50-50. We also learned that this is the wettest its been around here at this time of year in the last ten years. If the road doesn't re-open tomorrow, then we'll move on from Te Anau (where we are tonight and were planning to round-trip from tomorrow), and we'll have to skip Milford sound, the fjord geology, and our water-sampling boat trip. Instead we'll view some more of the geology traveling eastward across Southland and spending the night in Dunedin. We'll decide tomorrow morning, after we get the official word on the road at 7:30am...

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